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Beautiful Lake Gaston is located on the Virginia/North Carolina border between Interstates 85 and 95. Lake Gaston’s 20,300 surface acres of water and 350+ miles of shoreline encompass portions of Halifax, Northampton and Warren Counties in North Carolina and Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties in Virginia. Our mild climate, with an average winter temperature of 42.4 degrees and an average summer temperature of 76.5 degrees, attracts many tourists, second home owners and new residents.

Lake Gaston activities abound for everyone; both young and old discover a pleasure perfect paradise for vacation or year round living. Lake Gaston businesses provide for the needs of a waterfront community and beyond with quality products and services. Recreational, cultural and educational opportunities are available. With easy access to the interstates, you can enjoy the laid-back Lake Gaston lifestyle with just a short drive to access all the benefits of urban living.

Thank you for your support of the Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce! Whether you come to visit or to stay, we hope your time at Lake Gaston is both fulfilling and memorable.

~ Christina Wells, President/CEO

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    Lake Gaston Chamber seeks qualified candidates for President/CEO

    Job Description The president is the chief executive officer of the Lake Gaston Regional Chamber...
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    Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas...Lake Gaston-Style!

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    Discover Lake Gaston Regional Locally-Made Products

    I know that I preach and preach about shopping local, but when you do, you make more of an impact...
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  • Growing Business in the Lake Gaston Region

    Growing Business in the Lake Gaston Region

    There is not much that makes someone who works for a Chamber of Commerce happier than seeing new...

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